Stevvi Alexander

“I love Stephanie Alexander’s singing! But most of all, I love her spirit. The two go hand and hand to me. Inseparable! When I first worked with Steph, I immediately could tell she could hear parts and blend with the best of them. But, just recently, I heard her solo record and could hear that she is a great solo singer herself...and, a wonderful writer! I am a fan!”

-Sheryl Crow

“This album is great for many markets and listeners. Stevvi has managed to bring to her music a soulful twist of both gospel and folk, delivering a very inspirational feeling. I wish more people would take the time to put into words, what they truly believe and feel, like Stevvi has. I love it.”

-Raphael Saadiq

Stevvi is an artist, singer, song-writer, contractor, music therapist and beyond. This site will provide you with a peek into her body of work.

Latest News:
Stevvi is presently on tour with the Micheal Jackson Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil. She is very excited about her current project but this hasn’t kept her away from her other passions and her commitment to keeping the singing community……singing! She is presently contracting for various artists including the Roots and Danger Mouse and is busy placing songs in film/television with her partners Dayna Hollins and Ben Steele of Band Kamp. These placements include spots on The Sing Off, The Bachelorette and more.

Keep an eye open for Stevvi as she can be seen in the Garry Marshall film New Year’s Eve singing background with Lea Michelle and Lucy Woodward for Jon Bon Jovi!

Stevvi is also presently being featured in a documentary fim called "Twenty Feet From Stardom" and is highlighted along with some of the industry's finest singers who have worked with artists ranging from Sting, Ray Charles, Bruce Spreensteen and Bette Midler. The women featured in the film broke down racial barriers in the 60's when they became the new "go-to" session singers and their stories are beautiful and poignant. "Twenty Feet from Stardom" is an incredible film and can be seen in theaters nationwide all summer. There is even talk of an Oscar nod! Please find it playing at a theater near you and support this project.



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The East Side Psalmbook is available on:
The East Side Psalmbook - Stevvi Alexander